Question: What does Jay Sean do now?

Now, more than a decade after entering the music industry, the 37-year-old multi-platinum artist has signed with Sony Music and recently released his new single, Make My Love Go featuring Sean Paul, who also collaborated with Jay Sean in his 2010 single, Do You Remember.

What ever happened to Jay Sean?

Jay Sean got married to his wife Thara Prashad in 2009, and the pair currently reside in Weehawken in New Jersey.

What is Jay Sean real name?

Kamaljit Singh Jhooti Jay Sean/Full name Born Kamaljit Singh Jhooti in London, England, Jay Sean acquired a love of soul music through listening to records by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Lionel Richie with his cousins.

Is Jay Sean Punjabi?

1 single in the U.S. Sean is a Punjabi-Sikh who gave up studying medicine to become a singer. Sean is from Britain and his ancestors are from India.

What is Sean Pauls real name?

Sean Paul Ryan Francis Henriques Sean Paul/Full name

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