Question: What is French for correct?

1. (= accurate) correct(e) ⧫ exact(e) Thats correct. Cest exact. You are correct.

What is the meaning of Corriger?

British English: jog /dʒɒɡ/ VERB. If you jog, you run slowly, often as a form of exercise. I got up early the next morning to jog.

What is the French for excellent?

parfait French translation of excellent! ⧫ parfait !

How do you say raison detre in French?

0:150:53How to Pronounce Raison dêtre? (CORRECTLY) French & English ...YouTube

Is raison detre French?

In French, raison detre literally means reason for being, and in English it means about the same. Someones raison detre is the most important thing to them: Michael Jordans raison detre was basketball. Beethovens raison detre was music. A raison detre motivates a person; its their purpose.

What does the Spanish word Mirar mean in English?

[ˈmeɪtəʳ ] noun (British) (formal) madre f.

What is Correr English?

WiktionaryFromToVia• correr→ run↔ laufen• correr→ racerunsprint↔ rennen• correr→ drawmovepush↔ rücken• correr→ run↔ courir5 more rows

Is Bravo a French word?

2 Answers. It comes from Italian (through French probably, but Im not sure). The original meaning was brave, bold, as you could see in Spanish, but now it is usually taken to mean well done! or good job.

What is your raison d etre?

Raison dêtre /ˌreɪzɒ̃ ˈdɛtrə/ is a French expression commonly used in English, meaning reason for being or reason to be.

How do you use raison detre in a sentence?

Examples of raison dêtre in a sentence His restlessness is his limitation and his raison dêtre too. Can the trust rediscover its raison dêtre? There was no real raison dêtre. But its original raison dêtre was a simple one, to keep you warm and dry while out walking on a day that was neither.

How do you say raison dêtre in French?

0:150:53How to Pronounce Raison dêtre? (CORRECTLY) French & English ...YouTube

What gender is raison in French?

Yes, because theyre not adjectives in French - theyre nouns. Jai raison is equivalent to Im right in English, but literally it means I have reason. LOL I thought you were asking if tort is for women and raison for men... In my experience it is the opposite!

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