Question: Where is the Me page on match app?

To access your messages, go to the “Me” page, then the messages tab. When you read your messages, you can also continue the conversation by sending a message to the member in question.

How do I see who I messaged on match?

Any messages sent via IM are not stored on the website and so it is not possible to see the conversation history. When you contact other members, you can find your conversation history in the Me section. Go the messages section and click on the relevant conversation to view the messages exchanged with the member.

How do I see my profile on match com?

Simply hover over your photo thumbnail in the top navigation bard and click on, “me.” Then, click the View tab next to My Profile.

How do I change my age on Match com?

Click on settings from the gear icon at the top of the page. Click on sign up information and take note that for your protection, you may be required to re-enter your password. Make your updates about birthdate and click on continue. Upon successful entry, your updated age will automatically display.

How do you add a filter on Match?

To activate the contact filter, go to Messages and click on the icon to the left of Conversations. Then you can choose to filter your results, so you only hear from people: seeking a serious relationship. in the age range you desire.

How do I change my phone number on match?

Changing your Phone NumberClick on the gear icon in the top navigation bar.Click on the matchPhone link.Enter or edit the phone number where you would like to receive calls and follow the verification steps.

What does it mean when picture disappears on Match?

The reason is generally one of four situations: the member in question has deleted or suspended their profile. you have hidden the profile in question. you have blacklisted the member or they have blacklisted you.

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