Question: Was Jesus Christ Superstar a flop?

“Superstar” flopped when it debuted in Britain in 1970, and it was banned by the BBC for being sacrilegious. When it hit Broadway the next year, the musical was widely criticized by Jews and Christians — as well as by Webber himself.

Why was Jesus Christ Superstar Cancelled?

Following news Friday night that the star-studded, multimillion-dollar production of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rices Jesus Christ Superstar arena tour had been abruptly canceled, the tours promoter, Michael Cohl, has explained that as suspected, the ax fell because ticket sales werent cutting it.

What is Jesus Christ Superstar worth?

Jesus Christ superstar Value: $3.88 - $49.99 | MAVIN.

Did Jesus Christ Superstar win any Oscars?

BAFTA Award for Best Sound David di Donatello for Best Foreign Film Jesus Christ Superstar/Awards

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