Question: What was Billy Idols number one song?

Rebel Yell It should be little surprise to anyone that the lead-off and title track from Billy Idols 1983 record would assume the No. 1 position in our countdown of Top 10 Billy Idol Songs.

When was Billy Idol most popular?

During his 1980s reign, Billy Idol released some of the decades biggest hits. Like his personality, Billy Idol songs crossed the geres of punk, new wave, and classic rock.

Why did Billy Idol stop making music?

In 1993, not long after the death of River Phoenix in an extremely similar incident, Idol collapsed outside the nightclub Tatou due to an overdose of GHB. By this time, his son Willem (born in 1988) was old enough to question what had happened, and it was this that finally put the brakes on his drug use.

How tall is Debra Harry?

1.6 m Debbie Harry/Height

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