Question: What should I put in my Hinge bio?

Can you write a bio on hinge?

Hinge allows users to apply 3 prompts to their Hinge bio. Users can write answers to these pre-written prompts and they will be displayed in conjunction to your Hinge profile photos. You need to utilize these prompts to provide interesting insights into your life, personality, and to stick out from the competition.

How do I make my hinge stand out?

7 Best Hinge Profile Tips (To Stand Out And Attract Mates)Tip 1: Select Good Photos.Tip 2: Focus on Your Story.Tip 3: Add at least One Funny Prompt Question.Tip 4: Choose Your Hinge Profile Questions Carefully.Tip 5: Dont Give TMI.Tip 6: Avoid Generic Responses.Tip 7: Dont make it all about Partying. •Dec 2, 2020

Can you write your own prompts on hinge?

If your photos are basic or if you hate writing about yourself, prompts are your best friend. Unlike other apps that require you to answer questions, Hinge lets you choose 3 prompts or questions to answer.

How do you get hinge stand out?

Send a Rose to someone in your Standouts feed to automatically go to the top of their Likes list. Youll get one free Rose each week and you can always buy more at any time. The people you see in Standouts are receiving a lot of attention because of their great prompts, so dont hesitate to reach out!

What can you ask on hinge?

The Best Hinge Conversation Starters (For Guys and Girls)Talk about their Work.Praise their Art.Be Curious.Dont ask Filler Questions.Never Say HelloCompliment Wisely.10 Feb 2021

How do you know if youre stand out on hinge?

What is Standouts?Standouts is a feed where we shine a light on profiles whose prompts are getting the most attention coupled with our knowledge of who youve liked or commented on in the past.Check out the Standouts feed by tapping the star icon on the bottom navigation bar:

What makes a good tinder bio?

How to Write Your Tinder Bio. 1. Make the first line something funny or catchy. This could be where you tell a joke, be self-deprecating, or highlight some weird or unique aspect of your personality, job, or life.

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