Question: Can you delete Yahoo Answers questions?

You cannot delete your question if it has already gone to a vote or if it has been resolved. To delete your question while its still open, go to the question page, pass your mouse over the pencil icon in the toolbar below your question, and click Delete Question.

How do I delete my question on Yahoo 2020?

Sign in to Yahoo Answers. Open your question. Click Edit | select Delete question. Click Delete again to confirm.

Is Yahoo a dead company?

After Yahoo first launched in 1994, users flocked to the web portal for their online news, email and search needs. A string of poor business choices has ultimately led to the companys demise, and recently Verizon agreed to purchase Yahoos core business for $4.83 billion.

Is Yahoo still safe to use?

Its a valid concern. Yahoo has suffered from some notable security breaches, and its always wise to review your account security options for any online service. Well show you how to secure your Yahoo account and keep everything safe.

Whats the most secure email?

15 most secure email service providers for privacy in 2021Protonmail. ProtonMail is a Swiss-based, encrypted email provider. Tutanota. Tutanota is a well-protected email service based in Germany that values the privacy of its users. Mailfence. CounterMail. Hushmail. Runbox. Mailbox. Posteo.

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