Question: What happened to Dannys girlfriend on Hawaii Five-O?

Meeting Danny In O kela me keia manawa Melissa meets Danny Williams at a gas station where she asks him the way. She tells him that shes new on Hawaii and wants to start over there. When she is shot in an accident, Danny calls an ambulance and starts looking for the shooter.

What happened to Danny and Rachel on Hawaii Five O?

It is not known what happened between them, but Danny and Rachel ended up having a divorce. When his now ex-wife remarried and moved to Hawaii, Danny reluctantly went along to Hawaii, to be able to see to his daughter.

Who played Melissa on Hawaii Five O?

Lili Simmons Lili Simmons (born July 23, 1993) is an American actress and model known for her role as Rebecca Bowman in the Cinemax series Banshee (2013–2016)....Television.Year2014–2017TitleHawaii Five-0RoleAmber Vitale / Melissa ArmstrongNotesRecurring role, 6 episodes12 more columns

How old is Rebecca in Banshee?

24 Rebecca BowmanHomeBanshee, PennsylvaniaStatusDeceasedAge24RelativesElijah Bowman (father) Miriam Bowman (mother) Solomon Bowman (brother) Kai Proctor (uncle) Israel Proctor (grandfather) Leah Proctor (grandmother, deceased) Unborn Child (son/daughter,deceased)11 more rows

Does Proctor find out who killed Rebecca?

As they drive away, Hood T-bones their vehicle, sending them into a ravine. Upon confronting Proctor about his involvement in Rebeccas death, Hood realizes that it was in fact Burton who killed Rebecca, and is attacked by him.

Do you ever know Lucas Hoods real name?

Main. Antony Starr as the man known as Lucas Hood: An ex-con and master thief released from prison after 15 years who adopts the identity of the real Lucas Hood, Banshees incoming sheriff, who dies in the premiere episode. The characters real name is never revealed.

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