Question: Is meetic the same as match com?

Meetic, the popular European online dating company, announced today that it has agreed to buy the European operations of the IAC-owned is licensing the brand for its European operations to Meetic, and Meetic will optimize the two brands on a market-by-market basis.

Does IAC own Match Group?

IAC and Match Group announced that they have completed a “full separation.” Previously, Match Group (which owns Tinder, Hinge, OkCupid, PlentyOfFish and Match itself) was a publicly traded company, with digital holding company IAC as its majority shareholder.

Who is the CEO of IAC?

Joey Levin (Jun 2015–) IAC/CEO

Who is IAC owned by?

IAC is an American holding company that owns brands across 100 countries, mostly in media and Internet. The company is headquartered in New York City and incorporated in Delaware....IAC (company)IAC Building in New York City (2012)Area servedWorldwideKey peopleBarry Diller (Chairman and Senior Executive) Joey Levin (CEO)18 more rows

Who owns Vimeo?

IAC Vimeo Is Poised to Be a Public Company. Revenue Rose by 57%. The video-tools supplier Vimeo posted strong financial results for the first quarter, just weeks before the expected completion of the pending spinoff of the company by its majority owner, IAC.

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