Question: What does being good-natured mean?

English Language Learners Definition of good-natured : friendly, pleasant, or cheerful. See the full definition for good-natured in the English Language Learners Dictionary. good-natured. adjective.

What is good-natured person?

A good-natured person or animal is naturally friendly and does not get angry easily. Bates looks like a good-natured lad. He was good-natured about it, he didnt fuss. Synonyms: amiable, kind, kindly, friendly More Synonyms of good-natured.

What does natured person mean?

: having a specified nature, temper, or disposition others, similarly natured, will not permit him …

Is well natured a word?

Good-natured; kind. Well-natured, temperate, and wise.

How do you describe a friendly person?

The definition of friendly is someone or something exhibiting the characteristics of a friend, such as being kind, helpful or affectionate. An example of a friendly gesture is smiling, waving and saying hello. An example of a friendly person is someone who is always kind. In the manner of a friend; amicably.

What is the better word for good?

1 pure, moral, conscientious; meritorious, worthy, exemplary, upright. 2 adequate. 3 outstanding, admirable.

Is light-hearted a mood?

Someone who is light-hearted is cheerful and happy. They were light-hearted and prepared to enjoy life. Something that is light-hearted is intended to be entertaining or amusing, and not at all serious.

What is the definition of warm hearted?

: marked by ready affection, cordiality, generosity, or sympathy.

What is unchanging situation?

Noun. A situation that does not change. constant. given.

How do you describe someone who is kind?

A kind-hearted person is one whoother people a lot and always wants to help them. If you describe someone as kind-hearted, you mean that they are kind, caring, and generous.

How do you say someone is very friendly?

Synonymsfriendly. adjective. someone who is friendly is always pleasant and helpful towards other people.nice. adjective. friendly, kind, and pleasant.warm. adjective. genuine. adjective. pleasant. adjective. welcoming. adjective. amiable. adjective. good-natured. adjective.

What does it mean when a person is light-hearted?

1 : free from care, anxiety, or seriousness : happy-go-lucky a lighthearted mood. 2 : cheerfully optimistic and hopeful : easygoing they can be lighthearted in the midst of misery— H. J. Forman. Other Words from lighthearted Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About lighthearted.

What big hearted means?

generous : generous, charitable. Other Words from bighearted Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About bighearted.

How do you describe a warm-hearted person?

If youre a friendly, open, and kind person, your friends might describe you as warmhearted. It would be a warmhearted gesture if you shared your lunch with the kid whos always forgetting to bring hers. This adjective was first used around 1500, and its a close relation to kindhearted.

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