Question: How does Red Sammy respond when the grandmother call him a good man?

In both conversations the grandmother describes the characters as good men. After a moments reflection Red Sammy Butts agrees, as if he were struck with this answer. He has an excessively high opinion of himself. The grandmother calls The Misfit a good man. Red Sammy Butts, like the grandmother, is complacent.

When Red Sammy says to the grandmother A Good Man Is Hard to Find What does he mean?

This scene also shows the grandmothers initial idea of what a good man is - she declares that Red Sammy is a good man because he let someone charge gas even though the description of Red clearly proves he is not a good man. It shows that the grandmothers ideas are empty, ignorant, and vain.

Is Red Sammy a good man Why or why not?

Red Sammy is “good” because he trusts people blindly and waxes nostalgic about more innocent times—both of which the grandmother can relate to. The Misfit is “good” because, she reasons, he wont shoot a lady—a refusal that would be in keeping with her own moral code.

What do Red Sammy and the grandmother discuss?

What do the grandmother and Red Sammy talk about? The Grandmother eagerly agrees with this and calls Sammy a “good man.” Sam states that “a good man is hard to find,” and claims that people are terrible nowadays. He also accepts the Grandmothers theory about how Europe is to blame for moral decay in the United States.

Who does the grandmother call a good man?

The grandmother calls the Misfit a good man in the end because she is trying to persuade him not to shoot her.

Why does the grandmother tell the misfit I know youre a good man at heart?

She uses this term to appeal to the Misfit s emotions in order to live. The grandmother insincerely calls the misfit a good man because she simply would do anything to survive, even if that means lying. She does it because she doesnt care about anyone but herself.

How is the grandmother selfish in A Good Man Is Hard to Find?

The grandmother demonstrates selfishness in A Good Man Is Hard to Find through her manipulative actions. She first attempts to change the familys vacation destination by voicing her own desire to visit Tennessee instead of Florida. She later fails to admit that she has led them down a wrong road.

How does the misfit explain his behavior to the grandmother?

Because the Misfit has questioned himself and his life so closely, he reveals a self-awareness that the grandmother lacks. He knows he isnt a great man, but he also knows that there are others worse than him. He forms rudimentary philosophies, such as “no pleasure but meanness” and “the crime dont matter.”

What was the topic of conversation with Red Sammy and his wife in the restaurant?

While waiting for their lunch, the grandmother has a conversation with Red Sammy and his wife. The two discuss their distrust of people in general, how much things have changed since they were young, and how, as Sammy says, A good man is hard to find. Everything is getting terrible.

Who is the grandmother in A Good Man Is Hard to Find?

The Grandmother is an elderly Southern lady, and Baileys mother. She is a naïve woman, despite her age, and seems to only think of herself. Against her sons wishes, she brings her cat along in the car, ultimately causing the wreck that leads to the familys deaths.

Is the grandmother in A Good Man Is Hard to Find a good person?

The unnamed grandmother in “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” considers herself morally superior to others by virtue of her being a “lady,” and she freely and frequently passes judgment on others. The grandmother never turns her critical eye on herself to inspect her own hypocrisy, dishonesty, and selfishness.

What does the grandmother symbolize In A Good Man Is Hard to Find?

The grandmother represents people who enjoy cultural privilege. She is white, and she is likely from an upper-middle class background. As such, she has a very particular stance on the past—she thinks of it as a time when things were better; it was a time when people were trustworthy and shared her values.

What is the main message of A Good Man is Hard to Find?

Flannery OConnor uses her short story “A Good Man is Hard to Find” to demonstrate the transformative power of human compassion and grace. Transformations of the two character stereotypes, which are embodied by the grandmother and the Misfit, are used to get across the storys message.

What is the theme of a good man is hard to find?

The main themes in A Good Man is Hard to Find are finding grace, prejudice, and family. Finding Grace: Extraordinary circumstances allow a selfish character like the grandmother to truly understand the meaning of grace.

What crime did the misfit commit?

With his violent, wanton killing, the Misfit seems an unlikely source to look to for spiritual or moral guidance, but he demonstrates a deep conviction that the other characters lack.

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