Question: Whats the difference between Cmax and a Grand C Max?

Basically, the Ford C-MAX a big Focus. The C-Max is Fords compact MPV, so it only has five seats, but its just the thing if youre after more space but the same great driving experience and plush cabin as you get in the Focus. The Grand C-Max is on hand with space for seven and sliding rear doors for easier access.

Whats the difference between a Grand C-Max and a C-Max?

As the word Grand implies, this is simply a larger version of the five-seat C-Max. The Grand has a little more space inside than the regular car, and the big difference is that theres enough room for two child-size seats in the back, taking the total capacity to seven.

What is a Grand C-Max?

The Ford Grand C-Max is the longer, seven-seater version of Fords new five-seat C-Max. That car is ground-up replacement for the second-generation Focus-based model of the same name. That model served the firm well as a slightly roomier, easier-access variant of the Focus hatchback.

Is Ford C-MAX any good?

The Ford C-MAX remains great fun to drive, and with all the added kit its an even more attractive proposition. If the sound of a family friendly petrol-engined MPV appeals, try the 1.0-litre EcoBoost, otherwise just go for a diesel version like most other buyers.

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