Question: Who wrote Looking for love?

Who wrote looking for a new love?

Jody Watley André Cymone Looking for a New Love/Composers

Did the Eagles cover Looking for love?

Lookin for Love was reissued as the lead song on his October 1980 album of the same name....Lookin for Love.Lookin for LoveB-sideLyin Eyes (by The Eagles)ReleasedJune 30, 1980RecordedSpring 198011 more rows

How tall is Jody Watley?

1.7 m Jody Watley/Height

Is Jody Watley still singing?

After a 40-Year Career, Artist Jody Watley Still Shines as an Icon, Influencer, and Entrepreneur. Jody Watley is a Grammy Award-winning artist, songwriter, trendsetter, and the founder of Avitone Recordings whose career has spanned more than four decades. Nationwide — Today, Jody Watley (respectively Ms.

Who sings with Mickey Gilley?

Johnny Lee, was born in Texas City, Texas, and is a member of the “Texas Country Music Hall of Fame”. In 1968, he began a 10-year working relationship with Mickey Gilley, at the World Famous Nightclub “Gilleys” in Pasadena, Texas.

Who sang looking out for love?

Fleetwood Mac Big Love/Artists

How old is Jody Watley now?

62 years (January 30, 1959) Jody Watley/Age Above all, Watley is 62 years old, and while she still maintains her good looks, the producer looks pretty unrecognizable. She constantly shares pictures of herself on her social media pages, to the delight of her supporters.

Who is Jody Watley baby daddy?

Watley has two children: a daughter, Lauren, with former fiancé and music producer Leon Sylvers III and a son Arie, with ex-husband Andre Cymone. She is the goddaughter of Jackie Wilson.

Where is Mickey Gilley today?

In conclusion, Gilley now lives and performs in Branson, Missouri. There he has a theatre and cafe, and he plays six shows a week. He plans to play and sing as long as he is healthy.

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