Question: What to talk on blind dates?

What are good questions to ask on a blind date?

9 Questions To Ask Someone On A First Date If Youve Never Met Them BeforeWhat Are You Most Proud Of? Is There Anything Youre *Not* Proud Of? What Hobbies Keep You Busy? What Does Your Ideal Relationship Look Like? What Made You Want To Meet Up? Tell Me About Your Best Friend. •7 Aug 2018

What is the most personal question to ask a guy?

25 Personal Questions to Ask a Guy Youre WithWhats been your highest point in life so far?Whats been your lowest point in life so far?What makes you emotional?What makes you stressed?Do you believe in a higher power?If you had the power to know the date of your death, would you want to know? •Sep 30, 2018

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