Question: What gifts does Calvin like on Harvest moon wii?

He loves a good cocktail, jewels and ores from the mine.

How to meet Calvin Harvest moon tot?

Talk to Calvin on the tenth level of the mine and he will request you bring him an apple. Talk to Calvin before 11:00 AM and hell ask you to meet him later at Alans Tree.

What does Calvin like in Harvest Moon Light of Hope?

He is unlocked as Your Barn on Your Farm is repaired....Gifts.LovedMilk, boiled eggs, animal productsLikedSeashellsHatedCrops

How do you get clay in Harvest Moon Magical Melody?

Clay can be found in the cave, usually dug up using your hoe, by Anns 2 heart present, or by breaking rocks. Saibara will send a letter to the players mail box, saying that hes moved in.

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