Question: Is there an official NYC subway app?

The New York Subway app completely takes the stress away from travelling around the Big Apple. Its easy to use and includes the most up to date information from the official Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) making it the perfect NYC subway map.

Can you do monthly with OMNY?

By the end of 2021, straphangers will be able to use OMNY for all existing payment options, officials said — including monthly and seven-day passes, if the MTA board does not move forward with a proposal to eliminate them. OMNY is an account-based system that can do more, and it will.”

Do all NYC buses have OMNY?

No more fumbling for MetroCards or quarters—straphangers can now use the OMNY contactless payment system at every subway station and on all MTA buses in New York City. The MTA announced Thursday the complete systemwide rollout of OMNY, which stands for One Metro New York.

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