Question: Who created jalopy?

Where does Jalopy take place?

Jalopy follows the lives of the player (“Splat”) and his Uncle Lütfi: a pair of Turkish-Germans from East Berlin who choose to drive all the way to Turkey via the former CSFR (Czechoslovakia), Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey, something newly afforded to them by the easing of travel restrictions after the fall ...

What kind of car is a Jalopy?

old car A jalopy is an old car that isnt working very well.

What countries are in jalopy?

Jalopy is now feature-complete, with the procedurally generated highways and border crossings of Germany, the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Turkey to travel, many new engine parts to install, items to trade between nations and a story about the uncle to follow.

Why is it called a jalopy?

The origin of jalopy is unknown, but the earliest written use that has been found was in 1924. It is possible that the longshoremen in New Orleans referred to the scrapped autos destined for scrapyards in Jalapa, Mexico, according to this destination, in which they pronounced the letter J as in English.

How many GB is jalopy?

2 GB Storage: 2 GB available space.

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