Question: What is the poorest town in Westchester County?

The 11 communities having concentrations of abject poverty, the report said, are the cities of Mount Vernon, New Rochelle, Peekskill, White Plains and Yonkers, a section of the town of Greenburgh, and the villages of Elmsford, Mamaroneck, Ossining, Port Chester and Tarrytown.

What is the poverty line in Westchester County NY?

2018 New York Poverty LineHousehold SizePoverty Level1$12,1402$16,4603$20,7804$25,1003 more rows

What towns are in lower Westchester?

Scarsdale Downs.Victory Park.Bayberry Park-Forest Knolls.Wykagyl.Wykagyl Park-Beechmont Woods.Pelham Heights-Pelhamwood.Pelham East.Larchmont Manor.

What is the poorest county in New York?

Bronx County, coterminous with the Bronx borough of New York City, is the only county in New York state where most households earn less than $40,000 a year. The typical household in the county earns $36,593 a year, about $8,000 less than the median income in Chautauqua County, the second poorest county in the state.

What is the average income in Westchester County?

The median income in Westchester sits at $86,200, making it the 10th highest county in the area. Westchester also has the third highest average household income at $762,000 behind only New York ($877,000) and Fairfield ($812,100) counties.

What percent of Westchester is white?

TablePopulationHispanic or Latino, percent(b) 25.5%White alone, not Hispanic or Latino, percent 52.6%Population CharacteristicsVeterans, 2015-201928,12754 more rows

What is the wealthiest county in America?

Loudoun County, Va 1. Loudoun County, Va. Incomes are so high in Loudoun that even after adjusting for a cost of living 12.3% above the national average, it remains the richest county in the U.S. by a wide margin.

Is Westchester expensive?

It is more expensive to live in Westchester than in Connecticut. This is due to the high Westchester property taxes. For a similarly priced home, it costs the Westchester family $28,500 a year in real estate taxes while the Connecticut family only pays $10,445 a year in real estate taxes.

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