Question: What happened to Billy Warlock from Baywatch?

Billy Warlock He hasnt been on screen since 2010. Warlock married his Days costar Julie Pinson in 2006. He later left Hollywood and moved to Colorado to help run a kids ski school. He told Australias The Morning Show that he knew that hed leave eventually.

Why did shauni leave Baywatch?

She was the shows female lead from 1989 until 1992. Erika later explained that her decision to leave the show was due to her dislike for the direction Baywatch was taking, which was exactly the same reasoning fellow cast member Billy Warlock gave for his departure.

Was Newman a real lifeguard on Baywatch?

Originally hired as a technical consultant for the show, Newman had worked as a lifeguard in real life and was originally employed to ensure the onscreen rescues would look authentic, before eventually transitioning to a regular cast member. Newman, a married father of two, never acted following the end of Baywatch.

Did Baywatch actors actually swim?

“Everyone assumed Baywatch had stunt people do the rescues, so actors thought it was OK to lie in the audition and say they could swim. 99% of the time, however, we actors did the rescues ourselves.” Thankfully the main cast had the lifeguard training to make sure no one was ever harmed on the set.

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