Question: Why being a lone wolf is better?

Being alone is seen as a strength in popular philosophies such as stoicism or the stoic way of life. It implies that a person can be content and comfortable without needing to reach out to others. Or to divert their attention in order to make them feel important, happy, energized, and present.

Whats a lone wolf personality?

A human lone wolf is an individual who acts independently and prefers to do things on their own, prefers solitude, expresses introversion, or works alone. A stereotypical lone wolf will be dark or serious in personality; they are often taciturn and distinguished by their reserved nature.

Can a lone wolf have friends?

Being a lone wolf isnt always what it is cracked up to be. I had learned that despite being a lone wolf, a wolf could have friends and a pack to rely on (and yes, I did use a wolf reference.), and so knowing this, helps me understand better that I dont always have to do everything myself.

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