Question: Is Herne Bay Beach Sandy?

We took an evening stroll along Herne Bay beach and Pier and what a delighful place it is ! The beach is mainly fine shingle with some sand. There was a new childrens play area & some interesting exercise frames on the beach. The beach is backed by well kept flower beds.

Whats the beach like at Herne Bay?

The beach itself is mainly shingle, and a number of groynes stretch out into the sea. Herne Bay east beach is backed by a sea wall and behind that, grassy slopes, known as The Downs are criss-crossed with a number of footpaths.

Which beaches are sandy in Kent?

Here are our top picks...Botany Bay, Broadstairs. Botany Bay beach, Broadstairs. Dumpton Gap Beach, Broadstairs. Dumpton Gap Beach. Greatstone Beach, Romney Marsh. Greatstone Beach, Romney Marsh. Joss Bay, Broadstairs. Kingsgate Bay, near Broadstairs. Minnis Bay, Birchington. Pegwell Bay, Ramsgate. St Marys Bay, Broadstairs. •May 2, 2018

Does Whitstable have a sandy beach?

The closest point between the UK and France, the white chalk cliffs sit above a mix of sand and shingle. Half an hours drive from Broadstairs beaches is Whitstable, home to a beautiful, family-friendly shingle beach.

Is there a sandy beach in Deal?

This really is a stunning stretch of beach, with a tarmac pedestrian and cycle path close by. The sea view is fantastic, and a wonderful selection of cafes, bars and stalls all make this a lovely place to go for a walk on a nice day. Close by is the Deal Pier and Deal Castle.

Can you walk around Isle of Sheppey?

The Isle of Sheppey is located of the north coast of Kent. You can follow a footpath west along the banks of The Swale, the channel which separates Sheppey from the mainland. To the south there are views over Whitstable Bay to the town of Whitstable on the opposite side.

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