Question: Is KakaoTalk free to use?

KakaoTalk is a fast & multifaceted messaging app. Send messages, photos, videos, voice notes and your location for free. Make chatting extra fun with an array of emoticons and sticker collections.

Does KakaoTalk cost money?

KakaoTalk is free of charge with internet connection, wherever you are in the world. Engage in lively chat with friends with KakaoTalks 1:1 and group chats. Send and receive chat and multimedia messages such photos, videos and more.

Is KakaoTalk free data?

KakaoTalk is a free mobile messaging service for other networks, but requires WiFi or data to access.

Is it safe to use KakaoTalk?

All of your Internet requests, including all usage of KakaoTalk will be encrypted at your end and sent through a secure tunnel to the remote server. Only from there will it be sent to KakaoTalks Internet platform. This makes it impossible for any third party to see what you are sending or receiving from KakaoTalk.

Who uses Kakao?

South Korea As of May 2017, KakaoTalk had 220 million registered and 49 million monthly active users. It is available in 15 languages. The app is also used by 93% of smartphone owners in South Korea, where it is the most widely used messaging app for smart phones and personal computers.

Is KakaoTalk call free internationally?

Is KaKaoTalk free internationally? Yes, if you have internet access, which means KakaoTalk is free to use for sending messages, photos, and videos along with making voice and video calls.

Is Kakao private?

Kakao works hard to protect our users precious personal information. The protection of our users personal information is our utmost priority. In order to protect users valuable personal information, we at Kakao are making the following efforts. Users personal information is encrypted.

Who is the richest Korean?

South Koreas Richest Person Is Brian Kim With $13 Billion Fortune - Bloomberg.

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