Question: Where does River Nzoia come from?

The Nzoia River is a 257-kilometre-long (160 mi) Kenyan river, rising from Mount Elgon. It flows south and then west, eventually flowing into Lake Victoria near the town of Port Victoria.

Where is the source of river Nzoia?

Mount Elgon Nzoia River/Sources Contexts in source publication Nzoia River, located in western Kenya, has its headwaters in the Cheranganyi hills, with tributaries from Mount Elgon, and flows into Lake Victoria just north of Yala Swamp.

What is the source of river Nyando?

The source of Nyando River is traced to two indigenous forests; the Mau forest and Tinderet forest located in the Rift Valley. The other sources include the small rivers, streams and springs which feed into the main river and its surrounding.

What is the mouth of river Nzoia?

Lake Victoria Nzoia River/Mouths

How many rivers are in Kenya?

The country is also one of the 11 countries sharing the waters of the Nile River. Kenyas extensive highlands provide catchment areas for the countrys abundant rivers....Longest Rivers In Kenya.RankLongest Rivers in KenyaTotal Length2Tana621 miles3Ewaso Ngiro435 miles4Dawa280 miles (shared with Ethiopia and Somalia)5 more rows

Which is the deepest river in Kenya?

Tana River Film International. Climate Initiative (IKI) The 1000 km long Tana River is the largest in Kenya and is well known for its extraordinary biodiversity. It forms the basis of existence for wild animals, nomads and their livestock as well as for agricultural projects.

Where does river Yala drain?

Lake Victoria The Yala River is estimated to have a length of 219 km and a catchment area draining into Lake Victoria of 3,351 km². It is one of the main Kenyan rivers draining into the lake with a mean annual run off of approximately 1,100 Mm3, which corresponds to around 5% of the total inflow to Lake Victoria.

Where is river Kerio located?

Kenya The Kerio River is a river in Turkana County, Kenya. It flows northward into Lake Turkana. It is one of the longest rivers in Kenya, originating near the equator....Kerio River• coordinates2.956584°N 36.151543°ECoordinates:2.956584°N 36.151543°E8 more rows

Which county is nyando?

Kisumu County Nyando is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of seven constituencies of Kisumu County.

Where is Lake Kanyaboli?

Lake Victoria Lake Kanyaboli is located at the north-eastern corner of Lake Victoria. It has an average depth of 3 meters and covers a total area of 1,500 ha. It is one of the most important riparian satellite lakes around Lake Victoria. Lake Kanyaboli is part of the Yala swamp, which forms the mouth of both Rivers Nzoia and Yala.

Which is the fastest river in Kenya?

Gura River Meet the Fastest River in Africa: Kenyas Gura River.

What is the worlds fastest river?

Amazon Which Are The Fastest Rivers In The World?RankRiverAverage discharge (m3/s)1Amazon2,09,0002Congo41,2003Ganges – Brahmaputra – Meghna38,1294Orinoco37,0006 more rows•Jun 22, 2018

Where does river Nyando start?

Lake Victoria Nyando River/Mouths

Is Kerio Valley below sea level?

Kerio Valley lies between the Tugen Hills and the Elgeyo Escarpment in Kenya....Kerio ValleyFloor elevation1,000 m (3,300 ft)Length80 kilometres (50 mi) North - SouthWidth10 kilometres (6.2 mi)Geology7 more rows

Where does river turkwel drain?

The Turkwel river is the largest and the only perennial river in Turkana County. It originates in the Western Kenyan highlands and drains to Lake Turkana, the largest desert lake in the world.

Which lake is the deepest in Ethiopia?

Lake Shala Lake ShalaSurface area329 km2 (127 sq mi)Average depth87 m (285 ft)Max. depth266 m (873 ft)Water volume36.7 km3 (8.8 cu mi)11 more rows

Is oxbow lake?

An oxbow lake is a U-shaped lake that forms when a wide meander of a river is cut off, creating a free-standing body of water. The word oxbow can also refer to a U-shaped bend in a river or stream, whether or not it is cut off from the main stream.

Which is the cleanest river in the world?

The Cleanest Rivers In The World – The Thames River (London) Surprisingly, securing the top spot for the cleanest river in the world, one of Londons pride and joy is the neat elegance of the Thames River. Amidst the dense population of Londons busy streets, the waters of Thames River was kept sparklingly spotless.

Where is Kerio located?

Kenya Kerio Valley National ReserveLocationRift Valley Province, KenyaCoordinates0.640112°N 35.608664°ECoordinates:0.640112°N 35.608664°EArea66 square kilometres (25 sq mi)Established19832 more rows

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