Question: Who invented calculator?

When was the calculator first invented?

1642 In 1642, the first true “calculator” was invented: one that performed calculations through a clockwork-type of mechanism. The Pascal calculator, invented by French inventor and mathematician Blaise Pascal, was lauded for attempting arithmetic calculations previously thought impossible.

Where was the calculator invented?

The history of the calculator, or what we know of it, began with the hand-operated Abacus in Ancient Sumeria and Egypt in around 2000-2500 BC. These are very simple devices compared to modern calculators consisting of sets of ten beads on a series of rods held in place on a quadrilateral frame usually made of wood.

Who invented calculator in 1885?

Burroughs Adding Machine Company traced its founding to William Seward Burroughs who invented and patented the first workable adding and listing machine in St. Louis, Missouri in 1885. Blaise Pascal invented the first digital calculator to help his father with his work collecting taxes.

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