Question: What is mukae in Japanese?

Romaji: mukaeru. Type: Verb. Meaning: to go out to meet; to receive; to welcome; to greet; to salute; to hail; to accept (e.g. as a member of a group)

What is the meaning of Kuro?

English Translation. black. More meanings for 黒 (Kuro) black adjective.

What is Okurimasu in Japanese?

I will give you or I will take you.

What is Teiji in Japanese?

te(i)-ji. Origin:Japanese. Meaning:righteous; well-governed.

What is Torakku in Japanese?

Noun. トラック • (torakku) lorry (UK), truck (US) (vehicle) トラック 運 うん 転 てん 手 しゅ torakku untenshu truck driver.

What is Mada desu?

to be (polite)

What is the meaning of szkola?

Noun. szkoła f (diminutive szkółka) school (educational institution) Hyponyms: uczelnia, uniwersytet, kolegium. school (doctrine)

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