Question: Why is non uniform day called Mufti?

Answer: Mufti is of Arabic origin, its a legal advisor in Islamic law. In the Music Hall era, people would dress up as Mufti, in traditional garb, which because of the Ottoman empire was a fez with a tassle and a dressing gown. This was then picked up as not being in uniform, which is what it means now in English.

Why is mufti day called Mufti?

The term was coined by British military leaders in India during the early 1800s to describe the clothes, loose robes and slippers, they wore when off-duty. None of us knew about this, so since this is our first mufti for the year, I thought that we should stop using the word, Botha said.

Why is the word mufti offensive?

A school has renamed its mufti day to be yourself day after concerns the colloquial use of the Arabic word was culturally insensitive. After months of consideration the colleges Principal and executive group voted to ditch the Arabic word for good, deciding it could be offensive to staff and students.

What does Mufti non uniform mean?

A mufti day (also known as: casual clothes day, casual Friday, dress down day, own clothes day, non-uniform day, mufting day, free dress day, civvies day, etc.) is a day when students and staff go to school in casual clothing instead of school uniform/business clothes.

What does the acronym Mufti stand for?

MUFTIAcronymDefinitionMUFTIMinimum Use of Force Tactical Intervention

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