Question: Why did Damo Suzuki leave Can?

There was room to improvise, but basically it was the same thing each day. So I quit after two or three months. I wanted to be outside and thats where I ended up meeting these people [in Can]. They asked me if I would sing with them that night, at a concert in a big local discotheque.

Can influenced bands?

At least five notable bands have named themselves in tribute to Can: The Mooney Suzuki for Malcolm Mooney and Damo Suzuki; the indie rock band Spoon after the hit Spoon; the electronic band Egebamyasi, formed by Scottish musician Mr Egg in 1984, after Cans album Ege Bamyasi; Hunters & Collectors after a song on the ...

Who does Thomas Lang Drum for?

Thomas LangOccupation(s)MusicianInstrumentsDrums, guitar, keyboards, bassYears active1985–presentAssociated actsstOrk, Paul Gilbert, Bonnie Tyler, Falco4 more rows

What musicians have influenced you the most?

GenreGenreMost influential artistNumber of influenced artistsPop/RockThe Beatles1230JazzMiles Davis342ElectronicKraftwerk323R&BJames Brown29615 more rows•Oct 7, 2017

What bands were influenced by the Cure?

Influenced ByJoy Division.Sex Pistols.Siouxsie and the Banshees.David Bowie.Klee.Roxy Music.Television.The Velvet Underground.

What band is Thomas Lang in?

stOrk Fünfhaus Posse1996 – 2001Vienna Art Orchestra Thomas Lang/Music groups He is the founding member of the Los Angeles-based progressive/avant garde metal band stOrk and is known for his international session work on a wide variety of genres such as rock, pop, jazz, and heavy metal with artists such as Robert Fripp, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Williams and Sugababes, among many others.

Is Thomas Lang the best drummer?

Lang has been voted The Worlds Greatest Drummer in 2007 by Rhythm Magazine and has been named one of the Best 25 Drummers Of All Time, winning awards and accolades from critics and peers for more than three decades.

Who is the most respected musician?

Top 20 Musicians of All Time, in Any Genre: The Complete ListBob Dylan. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Elvis Presley. Louis Armstrong. Michael Jackson. The Beatles. Ludwig Van Beethoven. William Hung. Truly great musical talents arent often heard.

Who is the most famous musician ever?

The 10 Greatest Musicians of All TimeThe Beatles.Led Zeppelin.Elvis Presley.Bob Dylan.Michael Jackson.Queen.The Rolling Stones.Chuck Berry. •Apr 26, 2021

Who were the cure inspired by?

I grew up listening to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd, cause that was what got played in the house. But when I first saw the Stranglers, I thought, “This is it.” And I saw the Buzzcocks the following week, and I thought, “This is definitely it.”

Who did the cure inspire?

Artist Neil Gaiman has said that the Cure inspired his work, including 2003s The Sandman. Director Tim Burton has clearly taken cues from the band, featuring Smiths music and famously creating a title character in Edward Scissorhands who boasted Smiths famous hairstyle.

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