Question: Does Android have a built in Mail app?

Gmail (Figure A) is the default email app for most Android phones (minus Samsung Galaxy devices, who use Samsung Email).

What is the default mail app for Android?

Gmail app The Gmail app is Googles new default email app that is pre-installed on many Android devices.

What is the best app for email on Android?

Top Best Email Apps for AndroidGoogle Gmail. Price: Free. Microsoft Outlook. Price: Free. VMware Boxer. Price: Free 30-day trial. K-9 Mail. Price: Free. Aqua Mail. Price: Free with in-app purchases. Blue Mail. Price: Free (pro version available) Newton Mail. Price: Free 14-day trial. Yandex.Mail. Price: Free.

Does Samsung have its own mail app?

Your Samsung Galaxy device comes with an email app which you can use to access emails from different email clients such as gmail, Outlook, Yahoo and others. You can add multiple emails to the app, and customise the settings for each according to your needs.

How do I get my email icon back on my Android?

Try this...Tap and hold anywhere on the background of your Home screen.Locate the icon you are wanting among the icons for apps shown. (you may have to scroll).Tap and hold the icon you want, then drag it to the screen you want it on. (Usually shown above.) webworkings. Titan.20 Feb 2017

How do I get rid of Samsung email app?

That might wake-up your Droid and eat some juice, even if little....2 AnswersFrom the home-screen, open Settings.Navigate to Apps, tap the All tab.Scroll until you find the Email app. Tap it.Tap the buttons to Clear cache, Delete data, Force stop, and Disable (in this order)4 Dec 2014

How do I change the default email on my Samsung?

1. Find EmailSlide your finger upwards on the screen.Press Samsung.Press Email.Slide your finger right starting from the left side of the screen.Press the settings icon.Press the menu icon.Press Set default account.Press the required account.

How do I get my email icon back on my phone?

First, go to your app drawer/manager and look for the icon in the all tab. If you find it long press on it and drag it to your homescreen. If its not there look in the disabled/turned off tab and enable it back.

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