Question: What personality disorder did Mona have?

She and Spencer get into a fight near a cliff and Mona is accidentally pushed off. She survives, however, and is committed to the Radley Sanitarium, after being diagnosed with multiple personality disorder. Here, she is approached by someone, who wants to start a partnership and form an A Team.

What mental illness does Alison DiLaurentis have?

*spoilers beyond this point* It is revealed Alison framed Courtney of having schizophrenia. When in reality it was Alison who was crazy. (In the original series, Alison makes it clear that Courtney was insane.)

Why did Mona go to A mental hospital?

When Mona was discovered as A, she was put into Radley Sanitarium in season 2 because she was sick. The show leads us to believe her time at Radley cured her. But we know she was still tormenting the girls after her release.

Who A is?

In the novel series, the first and original A was revealed to be Mona Vanderwaal. The second A is revealed as Alison DiLaurentis and the third A as Nick Maxwell. The series concluded with the third and final “Uber A” being revealed as Alex Drake, the twin sister of Spencer Hastings.

Did the cast of Pretty Little Liars know who A was?

Hale wasnt allowed to know who A was. Because of this, the cast and crew had to keep her in the dark about the true identity of A — which was at the center of the shows series-long mystery. They wont tell me, she said.

What is wrong with Mona PLL?

In the Season 2 finale, Alisons friends learn that Mona has used her talents to manipulate and torment them anonymously. It is also discovered that she has multiple personality disorder, according to her doctor.

Who visited Mona at the end of Season 2?

She mention that CeCe visited her and she doesnt remember what they talked about, and RedCoat visited her but she claims that she wore a mask (the Ali mask). Mona explains this at the end of 3.24 and 4.01.

Who kidnapped Mona?

Monas kidnapper was an anonymous character that was revealed to have been Charlotte DiLaurentis as A in Game Over, Charles.

Is Ezra A in PLL?

We repeat: Ezra is not A— nor has he ever been a member of the A-Team. Instead, Aria discovered (while stuck on a chairlift!) that her dearly-beloved beau has been spying on our foursome since the very beginning of the series. Ezra was gathering information for a tell-all book about Alison DiLaurentis disappearance.

Who turned out to be A in pretty little liars?

Big A is the person who stole the game from Mona and played it from Season 3 to Season 6. In Game Over, Charles, CeCe Drake was revealed to be Big A using her birth name, Charles DiLaurentis.

Is Lucy Hale friends with Ian Harding?

In real life, Hale and Harding are as close as ever, but, as far as fans know, have never taken their friendship into romantic territory. However, that doesnt mean Hale didnt think about what could have been between her and her co-star. Of the romances that did happen in Hales life, they left a literal mark.

Did Emily and Alison get divorced?

This is a major update, especially considering that the last fans heard, in the PLL spinoff, Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, Alison and Emily had gotten divorced. The shocking news followed their relatively happy ending on PLL, where they were very much in love and raising their twin daughters together.

Was Mona good in the end?

Mona Vanderwaal might not have been A.D., but she definitely won the game. In the Pretty Little Liars series finale, not only did Mona help the Liars take down A.D. — which stands for Alex Drake, the name of Spencers twin — but the final moments of the show gave us a glimpse at the new life Mona chose for herself.

Who drugged Emily PLL?

Ali drugged her friends with a sedative during their sleepover on the night she went missing. There are two things that stand out about the night Ali went missing: She met with an absurd number of people and she wore a bright-yellow shirt that even the actress who played Ali hated.

Why did Mona look dead in the trunk?

I believe Mona was drugged by A and so thats why she looked like she was dead. She was drugged. I did love the way it was revealed that Mona was alive, with her sitting at the piano, with the mask on, looking like Alison.

Is Maya dead PLL?

In the television series, Maya died in Season 2 finale, UnmAsked after being murdered by her stalker ex-boyfriend.

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