Question: What does the name Junker mean?

German: from Middle High German junc herre young nobleman (literally young master). In the Middle Ages the term denoted a member of the nobility who had not yet assumed knighthood.

Is Junker a German name?

Junker, (German: “country squire”), member of the landowning aristocracy of Prussia and eastern Germany, which, under the German Empire (1871–1918) and the Weimar Republic (1919–33), exercised substantial political power.

What nationality is the name Yunker?

The name is derived from the Middle High German term junc herre, which literally means young gentleman; however, the term was commonly applied to a man of gentle birth who was not yet ranked with the nobility, such as a young man who had not yet been knighted, or the son of a noble lady who had married a man of a ...

Who was Junkers class 10th?

The large landowners in Prussia were called Junkers. After the Frankfurt parliament was forced to disband due to the opposition of the Prussian monarchy and military, the responsibility of nation building was taken up by the monarchy and aristocracy under prime minister Otto Von Bismarck.

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