Question: How does the match phone work?

matchPhone: Anonymous calling and texting, powered by Twilio These special phone numbers take every incoming call and text message and forward them to the members actual phone. Users have complete control over who can and cannot reach them. With a single click, a member can block someone from calling or texting again.

How can I match a phone number to a name?

Head over to and click on the reverse phone tab. Type in the full 10-digit number and hit search. If the number is listed, the website will tell you who its registered to. Other sites, including Intelius, Zabasearch and offer the same service.

Can you see sent messages on match?

Any messages sent via IM are not stored on the website and so it is not possible to see the conversation history. Go the messages section and click on the relevant conversation to view the messages exchanged with the member.

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