Question: Are Moxi and OTI sisters?

Motsi has been a judge on Lets Dance - the German version of Strictly Come Dancing - since 2011, after joining the show in 2007 as a professional dancer. If you recognise her surname, thats because she is the sister of Strictly dancing pro Oti, who was also a dance captain on The Greatest Dancer.

Are Motsi and Oti sisters?

Otlile Oti Mabuse (born 8 August 1990) is a South African dancer and Latin American champion currently based in the United Kingdom....Oti MabuseSpouse(s)Marius Iepure ​ ( m. 2014)​Partner(s)Keoikantse Motsepe (2000–2013)RelativesMotsi Mabuse (sister)5 more rows

Who is Oti sister?

Motsi Mabuse Oti Mabuse/Sisters

Are Oti and the judge sisters?

Since series 17 in 2019, Mabuse has been a judge on BBCs Strictly Come Dancing replacing Darcey Bussell. Her sister Oti, is already a professional dancer on the show.

Who is the oldest motsi and Oti?

Who is Oti Mabuses sister? Otis older sister Motsi Mabuse is also a professional ballroom dancer, and she also participated in the German version of Strictly. After two years as a dancer on the show, Motsi became one of the judges.

What nationality is Oti Mabuse?

South African Oti Mabuse/Nationality

Who did Oti win Strictly with?

Kelvin Fletcher The professional dancer joined the BBC show in 2015 and has won twice, partnered with Emmerdales Kelvin Fletcher in 2019 and comedian Bill Bailey last year. It makes Mabuse the only pro in the history of Strictly to win the trophy in two consecutive years, reports the Mirror.

Who has OTI Mabuse won strictly with?

Bill Bailey Oti and Ugo brought us sunshine with their delightful Quickstep in Week 2 – a huge improvement on their first weeks score with a fab score of 25. In 2020 Oti won the Strictly Glitterball trophy with Comedy Legend Bill Bailey.

Is Motsi Mabuse OTI Mabuse sister?

But Oti Mabuse has said that out of her three siblings, shes not the best dancer - nor is it her older sister, Strictly judge Motsi Mabuse - but their middle sister Phemelo, who works as an engineer in South Africa. She designs windmills which create electricity through wind in South Africa.

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