Question: How to use Mann in German?

Mann is a German noun, meaning man (male person) or husband. As it is a noun, it comes with a gender โ€“ der โ€“ and is always capitalised, as all nouns are. Der Mann ist nett. The man is friendly.

What does Maan mean in German?

man From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mann is a surname of Germanic origin. The word means man, person, husband. In the runic alphabet, the meaning man, human, is represented by the single character แ›—.

How do you use man in a sentence in German?

The indefinite pronoun man is often used when making general statements. It indicates that a statement does not apply to a particular person but to someone indefinite, to a whole group or even to everyone. Even if man represents a whole group, it is used in the singular. The verb form is the same as with er/sie/es.

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