Question: Is Kropf German?

from Middle High German kropf goiter, hence a nickname for a person with a conspicuous crop due to goiter.

How do you pronounce the last name Kropf?

PronunciationIPA: /krɔpf/, [kʁɔp͡f], [kʁɔp͡ɸ]Audio. (file)

Is Liebchen German?

German, diminutive of lieb dear.

Is Nien German?

Nein is defined as the German word for no. An example of nein is giving a negative answer to someone asking another in Berlin if they speak German.

Do Germans say Nein?

The Simple and Straightforward Way to Say “No” in German As weve mentioned, the way to say “no” in German is simply to say nein. Youll hear this one quite frequently—in fact, it appears at all levels of German society.

Is Berlin bigger than Hamburg?

Berlin, Germanys biggest individual city. Berlin – 3,275,000. 2. Hamburg – 1,686,100.

What does Rohr stand for?

Also found in: Medical, Wikipedia. Acronym. Definition. ROHR. Restoration of Human Rights.

What is Rohr?

noun. a pipe, tube or canal which carries air or liquid from one place to another. duct → Leitung; Rohr.

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