Question: Does our time have a free trial?

Our Time is a great dating site where youre bound to find the one and best of all, the free trial lets you get searching with no credit card required. The Our Time free trial is free for as long as you want, but it does have its limits: When youre ready to start messaging, you will need to purchase an account.

Is our time completely free?

Yes, you can download OurTime for free. However, most of the best features are considered premium and require you to pay. You can purchase an upgrade without a subscription but at a higher price. If youd like to upgrade your membership for more features, you must pay an additional monthly fee.

Is our time safe?

OurTime offers a safe and user-friendly platform where they can find love, friendship and serious dates.

Can you join OurTime for free?

You can create your profile and access the main search engines free of charge, so that you can check out other singles profiles. You can also communicate by email or IM with members who have chosen the Connect upgrade. Free messaging is also available in the Around Me feature on our Apple and Android apps.

Is our time dating site any good?

Very good website, I met my perfect partner, without your help this would not be possible. Money well spent, thank you to all at Ourtime. I really like Ourtime as a dating site because I can easily reach customer care and get an excellent service.

Is our time for old people?

Our Time Created as a unique site that caters to singles over 50, Our Time is currently one of the essential senior dating sites. Having more than 8 million senior individuals as part of their member base, older people can easily meet someone their age on Our Time.

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