Question: Why did Billy Russo betray Frank Castle?

Upon leaving the Marine Corps, Russo was recruited by Rawlins to contribute to his illegal operations, gaining a financial reward and the ability to create his own company with Anvil. Russos desire for power led him to betray Castle, allowing Rawlins to assassinate Castles family.

Did Billy Russo betray Frank?

Billy Russo becomes Jigsaw In his mind, he still sees Frank as his friend. In this season we see Billys betrayal when he realizes Frank was the one to do this to him.

What did Frank do to Billy Russo?

Finished Jigsaw It did, after all, end with Frank slicing Russos face up on a shattered mirror before rendering him comatose. But despite Russos crimes, Frank didnt kill him when he had the chance.

Did Billy Russo care for Frank?

From watching the show, we see that Billy cares about Frank and cared about his family. Its clear that despite Billy caring about the family, hell never care about anyone else, but himself. While not saying anything allowed the Castle family to be viciously killed, it also kept him out of trouble.

Who killed Frank Castle family?

In Netflixs The Punisher, Frank (Jon Bernthal) discovers after hunting down and killing the gang members whose fight supposedly killed his family that his former commanding officer, Colonel Shoonover, as well as Agent Orange and his former best friend, Billy Russo, are actually responsible for their deaths.

Who killed Frank Castles family in the Netflix series?

The Assassination of Ray Schoonover was the execution of Colonel Ray Schoonover, who was inadvertently responsible for the deaths of Frank Castles family.

What happens to Fisk in Daredevil?

Fisk will happily go to jail knowing that Vanessa is safe and free, and in order to do that, he has to swear not to go after Matt Murdocks friends.

Does Disney own Netflix Marvel?

Netflix had cancelled all of the series by February 2019, as Marvels parent company Disney was preparing its own streaming service Disney+....Marvels Netflix television seriesOriginal languageEnglishNo. of seasons13 (across 6 series)No. of episodes161Production13 more rows

Are they bringing back The Punisher?

Right now, there is no official news regarding whether or not The Punisher season 3 is going to happen. Netflix canceled the series on February 19, 2021.

Does Disney own Deadpool?

Wolverine, Deadpool, Jean Grey, Professor X and the gang are now with Disney – who are likely to incorporate them into the MCU sooner or later.

Who is Karens baby daddy?

Timothy Timmy Wong is the biological father of Karens son Hymie.

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