Question: What is an example of worth?

The definition of worth is excellence, usefulness or value. An example of worth is a person with superior charm. Worth is defined as having value, whether in money or otherwise. An example of worth is a house being valued at $500,000.

What is a good sentence for Worth?

Worth sentence example. I think its worth publicizing it, especially if the license plate turns out to be stolen and we have nothing. But it held a beautiful golden tripod that was worth more than a thousand fishes. I guess they figured the land wasnt worth as much as they thought.

How is worth used in a sentence?

The old computer is hardly worth anything. Its almost worth nothing. Our land is potentially worth a lot of money. Her shoes are probably worth more than her car.

Where do we use worth?

Worth combines with time expressions, so you can use worth when you are saying how long an amount of something will last. For example, a weeks worth of food is the amount of food that will last you for a week. The film is his own compilation of more than 50 hours-worth of footage. Worth is also a pronoun.

What is someones worth?

Net worth is the total value of all the money you have and the assets you own, minus all of your debts. Net worth is a common measurement of wealth. For instance, a millionaire is often defined as someone whose net worth is $1 million or more.

How do you say worth the money?

synonyms for worth the

How do you say something is worth?

Used for saying how good, useful or reliable something is. “Your support is worth a great deal to me....Worth (adjective)Its worth visiting/doing/going and so on. Its worth a visit/ a try/ a look. Well worth a visit. Worth the effort/ time/trouble. •Jan 12, 2017

What does you are worth it mean?

enjoyable or useful despite the fact that you have to make an effort: It was a long climb to the top of the hill, but the view from the top was worth it.

How can students improve their worth?

Most students are not aware of the value of good study skills to their success. you can help by taking a few minutes of class time to encourage students to improve their study skills and by giving them compelling reasons why its worth their time and effort.

How do you value someones worth?

Here are nine ways to show them you care:Be interested. Provide regular, constructive feedback. Invest in them. Prepare to lose them. Set clear, measurable expectations. Make time for them. Acknowledge them publicly. Say the tough stuff. •Nov 8, 2017

How do I know my worth?

How To Know Your Worth And Walk Away1 — Understand Why You Chase People Who Dont Want You. For me, everything starts with examining why we chase people who dont want us. 2 — Get Clarity On What You Want (Not What You Dont) 3 — Destroy Your Limiting Beliefs About Yourself. 4 — Break Your Patterns.Mar 28, 2021

What is another way to say value for money?

What is another word for value for money?bargaindealgood value for moneysurprisingly cheapgreat buygreat dealexcellent dealgreat valueexcellent valueexcellent value for money15 more rows

How do you say something is worth a lot?

Worth a lot of money - thesaurusvaluable. adjective. worth a lot of money.precious. adjective. worth a lot of money.priceless. adjective. very valuable and impossible to replace.irreplaceable. adjective. rich. adjective. antique. adjective. prized. adjective. treasured. adjective.

How do you say someone is valuable?

Valuable synonymsprecious. (Pejorative) Treated with too much. worthy. The definition of worthy is someone or something that has desirable qualities and is entitled to respect or attention. useful. marketable. Of or pertaining to marketability; capable of being. cherished. helpful (related) garbage (antonym) invaluable.

What is value and example?

Value is the worth in goods, services or money of an object or person. An example of value is the amount given by an appraiser after appraising a house. An example of value is how much a consultants input is worth to a committee.

What is your self-worth?

Self-worth is the internal sense of being good enough and worthy of love and belonging from others. Self-worth is often confused with self-esteem, which relies on external factors such as successes and achievements to define worth and can often be inconsistent leading to someone struggling with feeling worthy.

How can teachers improve their performance?

Anticipate barriers to goal achievements and try to find solutions for them. Divide your time among the main stages of the lesson. Use various teaching strategies appropriate to the students level. Link the lesson with previous work.

How do you overcome poor academic performance?

Adopt a positive mental attitude. Work out where youre falling short. Talk to your teachers. Pay more attention in class – and ask questions. Start organising your life. Improve your note-taking skills. Improve your essay-writing skills. Find the right learning style for you.

What are examples of self-worth?

Self worth is the opinion you have about yourself and the value you place on yourself. An example of self worth is your belief that you are a good person who deserves good things or your belief that you are a bad person who deserves bad things.

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