Question: Who can wear white moonga?

How to wear Safed Moonga? Minimum 1/10th of the body weight. E.g. – a person weighing 60 kgs can wear a 6-carat Safed Moonga stone. A pure, spotless, white colored Moonga gem is highly preferred.

Which Zodiac should wear white coral?

As per Western astrology White Coral is birthstone of Libra and Taurus while Vedic astrology considers it auspicious for Venus or Shukra Grah. Anyone willing to get blessings of Shukra Grah must wear White Coral.

What is the benefit of white coral?

2) White Coral is a gemstone blessed with special healing powers. It is used to improve general debility, anxiety, fear of the unknown and provides strength, boosting of the immune system and ability of regeneration.

Which Zodiac should wear red coral?

A person of Cancer Ascendant can wear Red Coral as Mars rules two favorable houses 5th house and 10 House. If the placement of Mars is quite well in your horoscope then wearing Red Coral will confer sound health , excellence in studies and giving elevation in your Profession.

When can I wear a Safed moonga?

Tuesday is the day of planet Mars as per sacred vedas. Therefore, astrologers always recommend to wear Safed Moonga ratan on Tuesday morning during sunrise (ideally during the Shukla Paksha). It should be preferably worn after following the pooja rituals and reciting the holy mantras to gain maximum benefits.

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