Question: Why is Mazda 2 so expensive?

How much is the Mazda 2? Due to the additional equipment and the poor currency exchange rate, the Mazda 2 costs RM 103,670 (with SST), RM 8,560 more expensive than the pre-facelift model.

Why is Mazda so expensive?

So back to the question, why is the Mazda 3 so expensive? The most obvious answer is because the Mazda 3 is now imported CBU from Mazdas Hofu plant in Japan. The previous CKD model was locally assembled at Mazda Malaysias plant in Kulim.

Is the Mazda2 a safe car?

In common with many recently launched small cars, the Mazda2 was awarded four out of a possible five stars for safety by crash-testing body Euro NCAP. Its adult occupant protection was rated at 86%, child protection at 78%, pedestrian protection at 84% and safety assistance at 64%.

Does Mazda still sell the Mazda2?

Mazda Canada kills the 2 Mazda Canada has just announced that it will not be launching the B-segment (aka subcompact) 2. Whether you know it or not, Mazdas actually a player in the subcompact segment.

Is the Mazda 2 fuel efficient?

Thanks to the mild-hybrid system, running costs are kept low; both engines return impressive official fuel economy at 53.3mpg, while CO2 emissions are as low as 94g/km, depending on the size of wheels you go for.

Does Mazda use Toyota engine?

To that end, Mazda has been quietly developing a straight-six SkyActiv engine for use in many future Toyota models. So this next Mazda6 will be the first recipient of what should be a gang of powerful cars coming from both Toyota and Lexus.

Do Mazda and Toyota share parts?

Both Toyota and Mazda representatives told C/D that the two SUVs will share components and suppliers to improve efficiencies. Mazda asserted in a statement that they will be developed independently by each brand. We expect both of these new models to debut sometime in 2020, as production is slated to start in 2021.

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