Question: What is the ending of Faust?

Faust ends with the titular character evading damnation and finding redemption in Gods grace and love for other people, with Mephistopheles losing his hope of attaining Fausts soul.

How did Faust end?

Faust, Part Two Ultimately, Faust goes to Heaven, for he loses only half of the bet. Angels, who arrive as messengers of divine mercy, declare at the end of Act V: He who strives on and lives to strive / Can earn redemption still (V, 11936–7).

Did Faust lose his soul?

Eventually, Faust loses his soul to eternal damnation. Later versions of the legend (such as Goethes Faust) would change it into a tale of redemption, but the theme of Fausts hubris is very common throughout most variations.

What happened to Ace Arknights?

After giving some medical aid to Guard, Ace decided to confront Talulah for one last time on his own. In the end, he was slain by Talulah after having a good fight with the Draco.

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