Question: Is Denna a Lackless?

There are additional theories that Denna is, in-fact, Netalia Lackless, and heir to the Lackless line. However, Netalia is Meluans older sister while Denna appears younger than Meluan. Most agree that Netalia Lackless is Laurian, Kvothes mother.

Is Denna a human?

It has been speculated that Denna is more than human, some believing that she could be a Fae, or a personification of the moon, or is even one of Tehlus angels, because of the following reasons: She often disappears without warning, for long periods of time, with no explanation upon her return about why she left.

What is in the Lackless box?

Remember in WMF when Kvothe is hunting down the bandits for the Maer, they tell stories every night. Hespe tells a story of a boy names Jax who trapped the moon by locking her name in a box. It holds the name of the moon.

Is Natalia Lackless Kvothes mother?

It has been speculated by fans of the series that Kvothes mother is Netalia Lackless, meaning that Meluan Lackless is actually Kvothes aunt. There is a chapter in which Kvothe sings the childs rhyme about the Lady Lackless, and his mother becomes quite adamant that he shouldnt be singing it.

Who is Denna patron?

Master Ash is the name by which Kvothe refers to Dennas patron. Very little is directly known about him: only that he seems rich and is an older gentleman with white hair.

What is a Lackless?

Adjective. lackless (not comparable) (rare) Devoid of lack.

Who is Denna Kingkiller?

Denna is the primary female figure in The Name of the Wind; she is arguably the main romantic interest of Kvothe, who holds an irresistible fascination with her. Due to her chosen lifestyle, she is homeless and prone to wandering but manages to make a decent living using her voice and charm.

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