Question: Has India won one day in South Africa?

Has India ever won in South Africa?

Indias 329/7 also smashed the 69-year-old record for the biggest run-chase at the ground, set by Australia who scored 236/7 to beat the West Indies in 1951. India has played 84 away Test series in its history....Away record since Jan 1, 2000.TeamSouth AfricaWon34Lost31Tied0Draw2712 more columns•Jan 20, 2021

Has India won Test series in SA?

India never won a Test series in SA, won only 2 of 17 Tests. Out of all the Test-playing nations where Test cricket has been hosted, South Africa and Australia are the two nations where India have never won a Test series. India have played six Test series in South Africa, losing five and drawing one.

How many ODI India has won?

Head to Head records As of 20 July 2021 India has played 995 ODI matches resulting in 518 Victories, 427 Defeats, 9 Ties and 41 No results for W/L ratio of 1.21 and an overall winning percentage of 54.76.

How many Indian won South Africa?

Summary of resultsPlayedWon by South AfricaSeries in India71 (14.3%)Series in South Africa76 (0%)All series147 (50%)As of 23 October 20193 more rows

Who won more matches between India and South Africa?

Indian and South African cricket team have faced each other a total of 86 times in the 50-over cricket. South Africa have got better of India a total of 46 times. Whereas the Indian team has won 35 matches.

Which team defeated India most?

They have played against Sri Lanka more frequently in ODI matches, with a winning percentage of 61.56 in 90 out of 158 matches. India have defeated Sri Lanka on 90 occasions, which is their best record in ODIs....Statistics are correct as of India v England at The Oval, London, 2–6 September 2021.v.t.e.

How many times India won South Africa?

Background. Prior to the trophys inception, India and South Africa had played eleven series, six in South Africa and five in India. The overall record was six South African victories, two Indian victories, and three drawn series.

Which team won most Test matches?

Australia As of March 2021, the most successful team in Test cricket, in terms of both wins and win percentage, is Australia, having won 393 of their 830 Tests (47.24%).

Who lost most matches in ODI?

India to Pakistan: Who has lost the most ODIsSri Lanka became the team with the most losses in ODI cricket on Thursday when they lost their 428th ODI match in London against England. The Sri Lanka cricket team had arrived in England with 390 wins and 426 losses out of the 858 ODIs they had played until then. •Jul 3, 2021

Who won most Test matches?

Australia (Wins: 393) Australia tops the list of the most wins in the history of Test cricket. England (Wins: 374) England are second on the list with 373 wins in 1028 Tests. West Indies (Wins: 175) South Africa (Wins: 165) India (Wins: 157) Pakistan (Wins: 138) New Zealand (Wins: 101) Sri Lanka (Wins: 92)

Has India won any series in New Zealand?

The tour included three Tests, five ODIs and two T20Is. New Zealand won both the T20Is. India won both the ODI series 3–1 and Test series 1–0....Indian cricket team in New Zealand in 2008–09.Indian cricket team in New Zealand in 2009ResultIndia won the 3-match series 1–0Most runsJesse Ryder (327)Gautam Gambhir (445)16 more rows

Who is the most successful captain in world?

PlayerSpanWonMS Dhoni (INDIA)2007-2018178RT Ponting (AUS/ICC)2002-2012220SP Fleming (NZ)1997-2007128GC Smith (Afr/ICC/SA)2003-201416345 more rows

What is the lowest test score?

Lowest Innings total in Test cricketTeamScoreGroundIreland38LordsNew Zealand42WellingtonAustralia42SydneyIndia42Lords7 more rows•Dec 19, 2020

Who is called King of IPL?

Which Team is the King of IPL? Quite evidently, the Mumbai Indians franchise is the King of IPL as far as the teams are concerned. Mumbai Indians has won the IPL title five times under the captaincy of Rohit Sharma, which even raised demands to replace Virat Kohli with him for international cricket.

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