Question: Wann wurde Oceans Twelve gedreht?

Who snitched in Oceans 12?

Linus Caldwell Linus Caldwell is a person in the modern Oceans gang. The son of a legendary con artist, Linus is one of two newcomers to Dannys crew, recruited by Danny in person after demonstrating his pickpocket skills – which will be one of the essential parts of the elaborate heist.

Why does Julia Roberts play herself in Oceans 12?

The Twelve Julia Roberts as Tess Ocean. She also voices herself in the film in a scene where Tess is impersonating Hollywood celebrity Julia Roberts as part of the con and her character is talking on the phone with her real self.

Is Oceans 12 a sequel?

Oceans Thirteen Oceans Twelve/Sequels The first sequel, Oceans Twelve was released in 2004 with the final film, Oceans Thirteen, following in 2007. An all-female spin-off written and directed by Gary Ross titled Oceans 8 was released on June 8, 2018.

Who ratted out Oceans 11?

Without warning, Terry Benedict arrives at their house while Danny is out. Having discovered that Danny and the Crew were responsible for robbing him, Benedict confronts Tess and tells her that hes giving the 11 an ultimatum with a two week time limit to return the stolen money plus interest.

Are Linus parents really FBI?

Mentioned in the first two films as a legendary con artist and personal friend of the likes of Reuben and Danny, Bobby Caldwell is Linuss father. It is revealed in Thirteen that he works as an FBI-agent specializing in casino fraud cases. Caldwell is played by Bob Einstein.

Is Julia Roberts friends with Bruce Willis?

Being a major Hollywood celebrity for over 30 years, it comes as no surprise that Julia Roberts has acquired some pretty star-studded friendships. Its unclear as to when their friendship started, but the two have become very close over the years. ...

Why is Brad Pitt always eating?

Brad Pitt loves to eat. If youve ever seen him in a movie, then youll already know that his characters tend to be snacking on something at some point. Pitt eats in his movies because he likes to eat, but also because sometimes his characters need to eat.

Is Oceans 8 a sequel to Oceans 11?

Essentially a remake of Oceans Eleven set in New York City over 15 years later, Oceans 8 introduces Danny Oceans heretofore unmentioned sister Debbie (Bullock), who is newly released after 5 years in prison and immediately assembles a crew to steal a $150-million Cartier diamond necklace during the Met Gala.

Whats wrong with Reuben in Oceans 13?

In Oceans Thirteen, Reuben is forced out of a partnership by Willy Bank, leading to a breakdown that triggers a heart attack that lands Reuben in hospital and in a coma. Reuben eventually comes out of his coma and spends his day recovering by reading letters that the others have left for him.

Why is Don Cheadle not credited in Oceans 11?

Don Cheadle is uncredited despite having a major role. This is due to a dispute over his billing. Cheadle wanted above the title billing alongside George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt. When he was refused, he refused to be credited at all.

What was Brad Pitt eating in Moneyball?

The most important food item in the film is sunflower seeds. We frequently see Pitt munching on them and spitting them into a cup. This is often a habit of people trying to quit nicotine. Instead of using chewing tobacco, Billy Bean uses sunflower seeds.

Is Oceans 13 better than 12?

Oceans Thirteen marks the end of the Oceans trilogy in a good way. Its slightly below the level of Oceans Eleven but does better Oceans Twelve. As with the preceding two, the cast elevate these films up with strong performances from George Clooney & Co.

Do I need to watch Oceans 11 before 12?

Do I need to watch Oceans 11 before 12? Yes! Oceans 12 is a direct sequel of Oceans 11 and continues the story of Ocean and his crime partners, to understand the characters, their motives and plot of the movie, this is important to watch Oceans 11 first before you watch Oceans 12.

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