Question: What is the history of Nembe?

History. The Nembes are an Ijaw people of the Niger Delta region, settled in the region that now includes the Edumanom Forest Reserve. The date of foundation of the old Nembe kingdom is unknown. Tradition says that the tenth king was called Ogio, ruling around 1639, the ancestor of all subsequent kings.

What State is Nembe?

Bayelsa State NembeStateBayelsa StateHeadquartersNembeArea• Total760 km2 (290 sq mi)9 more rows

Who is the Chairman of Nembe Local Government?

Breaking The Executive Chairman of Nembe Local Government Council, Honourable West Alalibo made the clarion call during a courtesy visit by IYC Central Zone chairman, Clever Inodu and his Excos, and Nengi Fans Group to solicit support at Nembe LGA liaison office Ekeki, Yenagoa, on Tuesday, September 22, 2020.

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