Question: What are the five major plains in Jamaica?

Where is Pedro Plains in Jamaica?

Pedro Plains is a plain in Jamaica and has an elevation of 59 metres. Pedro Plains is situated west of Downs Valley, northeast of Johns Rock....Popular Destinations in Jamaica.KingstonSurrey CountyCornwall CountyMontego Bay

What is the name of the plain in St James?

It was developed as a port from which sugar was exported and dates back to around 1730. The Spanish name Savanna-la-mar means Plain by the sea refers to its immediate environment.

Where is Wag Water River located in Jamaica?

Wag Water River is situated north of Grays Inn, close to Annotto Bay. The Wag Water River is one of Jamaicas rivers. It is dammed by the Hermitage Dam.

Where in Jamaica is dry Harbour mountain located?

The Dry Harbour Mountains are a range of mountains in north central Jamaica. More accurately described as a plateau than a true mountain range, they form the eastern boundary of the Cockpit Country. This is also the mountain that people used to go and pray. The Dry Harbour Mountains starts from Discovery Bay, St.

What is the main town in Saint James?

Montego Bay Its capital is Montego Bay (derived from the Spanish word manteca (lard) because many wild hogs were found there, from which lard was made)....Saint James Parish, Jamaica.Saint JamesCapitalMontego BayMajor townsAdelphi, Cambridge, Montpelier, Catadupa, Fairfield, Somerton, Irwin, Granville, Dumfries, BogueArea9 more rows

What is the main town in St James?

Montego Bay Its capital, Montego Bay, derived from the Spanish word Manteca (lard) because many wild hogs were found there from which they made lard. It was named publicly the second city of Jamaica, behind Kingston, in 1981. However, Montego Bay became city in 1980 through an act of the Jamaican Parliament.

What is the main rivers in Jamaica?

The Black River is the largest (widest) river in Jamaica. It is 73 kilometers long, and for 28 kilometers from its mouth it is navigable for small vessels....Martha Brae River.RIVERKmPARISHMartha Brae River32.5TrelawnyMilk River36.4ClarendonMontego River24.1St. JamesMorant River25.9St. Thomas18 more rows

Where in Jamaica is the John Crow mountain?

The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park (BJCMNP) is located in the eastern end of the island of Jamaica and includes Jamaicas highest point – the Blue Mountain Peak at 2,256 metres. The park covers an area of 41,198 hectares (101, 802 acres) and incorporates much of the interior of the parishes of Portland, St.

Where in Jamaica is Mocho?

Mocho in the region of Clarendon is a town in Jamaica - some 36 mi or ( 57 km ) West of Kingston , the countrys capital city .

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