Question: Is Steppenwolf stronger than Darkseid?

Darkseid is most definitely the stronger of the two beings, as Steppenwolf serves as Darkseids general, leading the Parademon armies into battle on his behalf. While still formidable with his electro-axe, Steppenwolf does not have access to the immense powers the Omega energy grants his nephew.

Is Steppenwolf supposed to be Darkseid?

A New God and military general from the planet Apokolips, Steppenwolf is the brother of Heggra and therefore the maternal uncle of Darkseid. He is commonly depicted as Darkseids subordinate, commanding his nephews army of Parademons in conflicts against Superman and the Justice League.

Why is Steppenwolf afraid of Darkseid?

Personality. Steppenwolf was extremely loyal to Darkseid and feared him greatly due to the immense power he has. He would go to extreme lengths to regain his nephews respect by assimilating and destroying tens of thousands of worlds.

Which villain is stronger than Darkseid?

Superman had to call in reinforcements every time he faced down Zaar and most of the time wasnt even able to actually defeat him, mostly banishing him to the Phantom Zone. Superman has been able to beat Darkseid in the past, making Zaar tougher than the God of Evil.

Does Darkseid hate Batman?

While Darkseid may never fear Batman, he does respect the Dark Knight as a worthy adversary.

Can darkseid Beat Galactus?

But the face-off between the two, contrary to what is depicted in the comic book, cannot be so one-sided. Yes, Galactus is extremely powerful. Darkseid is powerful enough to leave an impact on Galactus. So much so that Galactus would accept him as a threat.

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