Question: Is it legal to have an open marriage?

Open marriage refers to a marriage where both spouses agree to allow sexual relationships for one or both outside the marriage, without considering this to be sexual infidelity. Extra-marital sex is often illegal in jurisdictions where adultery is illegal, regardless of whether the partner(s) have given their consent.

Is an open relationship legal?

Another name for an open relationship is “consensual non-monogamy.” Both parties agree that a relationship is non-monogamous. This is not legal in the U.S. If a marriage is non-monogamous, it may be called an “open marriage.”

What is considered swinging?

Swinging means having sex with other partners, together or apart, psychotherapist Tammy Nelson, PhD, author of The New Monogamy tells me. It involves consensual experiences that the partners discuss before during, and after with one another, where the details are shared as much or as little as desired.

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