Question: Are ISTJs misunderstood?

ISTJ. ISTJs tend to be misunderstood by people who pass them off as aloof, overly conventional, cold, or nit-picky. Very few people see the inner depths and spirit of the ISTJ because they dont take the time or put in the effort.

Do ISTJs like to argue?

ISTJs tend to be very direct and straightforward in their arguments. They will be inclined to argue when someone is getting in the way of a project that needs to be done. They hate laziness or incompetence and will spark a debate with someone who is slowing things down.

Are ISTJs manipulative?

ISTJs are generally very skeptical people, which makes them rather difficult to manipulate. They realize that people can be devious, and will certainly not leave themselves open to this. ISTJs live their lives independently, and prefer to make their own choices.

Are ISTJs always serious?

ISTJs can appear to take themselves too seriously sometimes, since they are so focused on efficiency. They dont like being too laid-back about the things that truly matter to them and their loved ones. ISTJs simply have so much pressure on them to be successful and provide for their family.

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