Question: How do I invite my Scout to Scoutbook?

GRANDING YOUR SCOUT ACCESS TO SCOUTBOOK From your Scouts edit profile link on the Scouts page, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Invite to Connect” and enter the Scouts email address. The Scout will receive an email invite similar to the invite parents receive including their username and password.

How do I add parents to my Scoutbook?

To add an additional parent or guardians to a Scout, do the following:Click on the Scout.Click on the Scouts connections.Click on the parent if they are already in the unit or click +ADD.Search for the parent or if they do not have a my.scouting or Scoutbook presence yet, type in their information.

How do I connect my Scoutbook?

Here are the steps:Log into your own account on My Dashboard. Click the Child under My Family.Click on your childs Edit Profile. Go to the bottom and click Invite xxx to Connect. Enter your childs email address. •6 Aug 2021

How do you transfer Scouts to troops in Scoutbook?

Transferring Scouts to New Troop UnitsOne way is to simply allow the Youth Application to process. You can manually move each Scout to a new Troop by navigating to that Scout Scout Membership > Current Membership and enter a date in the “Date Ended” field, un-check “Position Approved” and click Update. •29 Apr 2020

How does a Scout add a merit badge counselor in Scoutbook?

Go into your roster and click on the Add Leader button. Be sure to use the global search tool to search for the counselor because they already have an account in Scoutbook created by the local council. Select the Merit Badge Counselor position then set the permissions to None.

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