Question: When was the first house built in Peterlee?

So, on August 20th 1947, a plan was approved to build Peterlee New Town, costing £14 million and taking 20 years to complete. The first house to be built was 22 Thorntree Gill and it was to be occupied by Mrs. Turnbull.

When was Peterlee built?

1948 Peterlee is a town in County Durham, England, founded in 1948 under the terms of the New Towns Act 1946. It is located between Sunderland, Hartlepool and Durham....PeterleePeterlee Location within County DurhamPopulation20,164 (2011)OS grid referenceNZ430409Civil parishPeterlee16 more rows

How many adults live in Hartlepool?

DemographicsHARTLEPOOLTEES VALLEYONS Mid Year Estimates - Total Population 0-15 Years - Mid 201717800130400ONS Mid Year Estimates - Total Population 16-64 Years - Mid 201757500415600ONS Mid Year Estimates - Total Population 65+ Years - Mid 201717700126500ONS Mid Year Estimates - Male Population - Mid 20174540032950019 more rows

What is the population of Torquay?

65,245 people Torquay is a city that is located in the county of Devon in England. The city – which is known as the English Riviera because of its climate – has a population of 65,245 people. One of the most notable things about Torquay is that it was the birthplace of author Agatha Christie.

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